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We are the only company that can qualify you to all levels of the British Psychological Society (BPS) and European Federation of Psychological Associations (EFPA) certificates in Psychometrics.

And to add to those skills we can train you in coaching, interviewing and assessment.

Team Focus offer both internationally recognised qualifications in psychometrics and more pragmatic training that allows you to access and use some powerful tools.  Conducted entirely online but with the human touch through online meetings you meet your tutor and other delegates who help create a deeper learning experience. By indicating your interest, we will contact you to organise dates to suit the next cohort of delegates.

For other courses (coaching, interviewing and assessment techniques) call us to discuss in-house options. 

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Get qualified

Online and in-person training courses

Test User Ability (Level A)

This is the basic qualification into the issues of psychological measurement and introduces you to the concepts of reliability, validity, norm groups as well as the practical issues of administering tests and applying them fairly.


Test User Personality (Level B)

TDI®, NEO PI-3™, 15FQ+™ & FIRO

This is a qualification that is recognised worldwide as demonstrating competence in the use of a particular personality questionnaire.  Team Focus have trained people in a wider range of quality tools than anyone else in the UK.


Specialist in Test Use (Level B Full)

This is the highest qualification in Psychometrics recognised by the BPS.  By completing this course you become one of a select few that have demonstrated the skills and knowledge to be consulted as an authority in personality assessment.


Test User Ability + Personality (Level A/B Combined)

Both the Test User Ability (Level A) + Test User Personality (Level B) combined.


Tools for Coaches

Learn to use three in-depth pyschometric tools: EIQ (Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire), VbIM (Values-based Indicator of Motivation) & RSQ (Resilience Scales Questionnaire)

Type Mapping Using TDI, MTR-i and ITPQ

TYPE MAPPING is one of the most impactful way to promote both Individual and Team development.  We all know how some of what we do is driven by our context, other behaviour is driven by our preference.


This is a versatile tool that can be used for individual development, team development and role compatibility.

FIRO Element B

FIRO (Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation) theory is one of the most powerful models for understanding our personal and interpersonal needs and how they influence our interactions with others.


This is the best known of the Big Five personality questionnaires.  Seen as a marker in the field, it breaks the Big Five personality factors down into 30 underlying facets designed to provide a much more detailed picture of a person’s personality style.