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ITPQ: Ideal Task Profile Questionnaire

The ITPQ provides a baseline for all aspects of team and group development, at all levels within organisations.

The ITPQ forms part of the Type Mapping System which allows personal preferences to be mapped onto team roles and aligned with organisational imperatives.

Organisations often face testing times, but there is little available for analysing the link between current challenges and team input.

The Ideal Task Profile Questionnaire (ITPQ) uses Psychological Type to define the range of important contributions that can be made in a team. It then solicits the key behaviours required to make it happen. No other behavioural questionnaire approaches performance issues so directly.

It uses the same team role descriptors (Clarifying, Activating, Harmonising etc) as the MTR-i™.

The ITPQ is part of an integrated approach to improving team performance that links personality, behaviour and performance challenge. As such it can be used with its sister questionnaire, the Managing Team Roles Indicator (MTR-i™), and all versions of the Type Dynamics Indicator®.