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Our tests and questionnaires reach the parts that other psychometrics do not. 1.5 million sold, extending our understanding of human personality and the human brain’s wondrous capabilities.

We help you break free from the mainstream.

Team Focus has one of the most comprehensive range of psychometrics that reveal people’s underlying abilities, styles, energy and motivations.  Wherever people issues are the focus these tools provide additional insight.

We all know that self-report questionnaires are limited by people’s self-awareness and honesty.  Team Focus tools address that issue with a number of innovations including methods for challenging a person’s self-view, bringing in an option of 3rd party challenge using our ‘paired’ versions and clarifying the relationship between a person’s inner nature and their circumstances - and hence separating ‘who I am’ (our inner nature) from ‘what I do’ (our varied roles). 

The Team Focus philosophy moves psychometrics from an unrealistic ‘objective measurement’ paradigm to a more realistic ‘structured exploration’ paradigm.

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Personality, style and emotional intelligence questionnaires

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Learning Styles Indicator

The LSI provides a quick introduction to Psychological Type and is part of the Type Mapping System. It is used extensively by FE and HE careers guidance professionals, and in the early stages of corporate team building.


Type Dynamics Indicator

The TDI® is the hub of the Type Mapping System. It has multiple applications and is widely used in executive team building, leadership development, change management and careers guidance.


Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire

The Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire (EIQ3D) shifts the emphasis from IQ and personality towards the effects that self-awareness have on performance.


Fifteen Factor Questionnaire +

The Fifteen Factor Questionnaire+ (15FQ+™) is the latest questionnaire built on 50 years of pioneering research by the eminent psychologist, Ray Cattell.

Ability, reasoning, memory and attention tests

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Verbal, Numerical & Abstract Reasoning

Quickly assess the three core aptitudes.


Decision Analysis Test

The DAT is a popular test in high level graduate selection and executive development.


Memory & Attention Test

The MAT is a popular measure in technical, procedural or information intensive recruitment scenarios.

Energy, motivation, interests and resilience

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Career Interests Inventory

The CII is used for general careers guidance, and is widely available in schools, colleges and universities.


Resilience Scales Questionnaire

The Resilience Scales Questionnaire is currently used to profile individuals being selected for high pressure or high stakes roles.


Values-based Indicator of Motivation

VbIM is used for personal development but also in team building.

Team roles, interpersonal relationships and relational health

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Relational Health Audit

The RHA has been successfully used in culture change, team building and as part of personal development programmes.


Managing Team Roles Indicator

The MTR-i™ gives depth to all aspects of team and group development, at all levels within organisations.


Ideal Task Profile Questionnaire

The ITPQ provides a baseline for all aspects of team and group development, at all levels within organisations.


Fundamental Interpersonal Relationship Measures

FIRO theory has many uses and is regularly applied to areas and issues such as self-esteem, decision-making, negotiations, team compatibility and defensiveness.