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360º: 360º feedback

The 360-degree feedback system adds significant value to all aspects of individual development; useful for kick-starting management coaching and development programmes, or as part of appraisals.

360º feedback involves a range of people, typically managers, direct reports, peers and customers, being invited to rate the key behaviours and attributes (competencies) of a particular person.

This is done using specially constructed questionnaires based on particular sets of questions, and for example we use Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, Manager as Coach and World of Work models – the popular Leadership model measuring 24 different competencies grouped into 6 areas:

  • Manages self
  • Stimulates the thinking
  • Motivates and influences
  • Builds relationships
  • Focuses on results
  • Builds credibility.

In comparison with conventional appraisal techniques, 360° feedback has the advantage of providing a much more rounded picture of how an individual is perceived by others. And in terms of output our system provides a detailed report, helping people see how each aspect of their behaviour and performance is viewed by different people and how the perceptions of others may differ from their own. We also provide the person with a clear guide in relation to those areas which require further development.