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TDI®: Type Dynamics Indicator

The TDI® is the hub of the Type Mapping System. It has multiple applications and is widely used in executive team building, leadership development, change management and careers guidance.

The Type Dynamics Indicator (TDI®) is the most up-to-date measure of Psychological Type.

It captures the essence of Jung’s original thinking to provide a flexible yet penetrating assessment of a person’s personality. Underlying patterns are revealed by exploring the interaction of four dynamic preferences:

  • What attracts and energises us: Extraversion-Introversion;
  • How we see the world: Sensing-Intuition;
  • How we make decisions: Thinking-Feeling;
  • The way we manage the world around us: Judging-Perceiving.

As well as giving a sharp focus on the fundamental preferences, the TDI® is designed to help people identify their most natural style. This is based on the premise that a person may express their personality in different ways in different circumstances. Thus there are often variations between ‘the way it is’ and ‘the way I want’.

The Is/Want comparison was built into the TDI® from the start and marks it apart from all other Type indicators. It also adds immeasurably to the feedback and review process.