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Team Focus work with over 60 university careers services and schools and we also offer individual guidance to students and parents.

Our Careers Guidance services involve exploring interests, personal style and a range of abilities which help identify the golden nugget, that needle in a haystack visible, that job I never even knew about.

Using new models and tools we help to narrow and focus job ideas by identifying 6 or 12 key themes and linking them to 24 job families and over 700 jobs. We produce reports that give direct access to our Career Finder using hyperlinks in the reports which go directly to the areas of interest – and because all the jobs are linked by interest themes, students can explore other possible jobs and careers that match their interests that they may never have either heard of or considered. Our approach is not to suggest careers but to help people explore and to understand themselves so that they are better equipped to make decisions in this changing world. 

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University Careers Services for Students

University Careers Services and Employability Courses can benefit from easy access to our tools which are ‘free at the point of use.’ By taking out an annual licence the whole organisation can access tests with a range of reports.

There are open access versions for students to explore for themselves and there are controlled access versions for greater depth and which form part of a learning module. The training includes famniliarisation with these powerful tools.

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Schools and the Gatsby Benchmarks

Team Focus provided the psychometric engine for the gold standard in careers guidance which was Inspiring Futures. The phoenix has risen – and evolved.

We now offer the same high quality assessments, carefully constructed, suitable for different school ages but now in a flexible and affordable format. Schools benefit from yearly licences with unlimited use or more focused and in-depth interventions if required.

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Parents and Students direct

We offer a comprehensive process that moves at you pace for £175:

  • Step 1:
    Initial Teams meeting to discuss, understand and agree the process (15 minutes)
  • Step 2:
    Complete the appropriate version of our Career Interests Inventory (CII)
  • Step 3:
    Teams meeting to discuss the CII report and add pointers (15 minutes)
  • Step 4:
    Complete the appropriate version of the Type Dynamics Indicator (TDI - a personality questionnaire)
  • Step 5:
    Teams meeting to discuss the TDI report and add pointers (15 minutes)
  • Step 6:
    Complete 4 reasoning tests (Verbal, Numerical, Abstract and Memory and Attention).
  • Step 7:
    Teams meeting to discuss the integrated report which brings together results from all the individual assessments and provides a basis for discussing the bigger picture.

This process is a progressive one and links to a platform that encourages an exploration of different kinds of jobs that are suggested by the questionnaires. It encourages reflection and works better than the traditional single session assessment with single session guidance meeting.

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Career Finder

Search for jobs that may be of interest and get real information about what is involved

Launch finder

Guidance Discussion

Seek help from a professional adviser or counsellor

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