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VNA: Verbal, Numerical & Abstract Reasoning

Quickly assess the three core aptitudes.

Verbal Reasoning Test

This test requires you to read passages of text and to decide whether certain statements follow logically from the information in the passage i.e. True, False or Can’t Tell.


Numerical Reasoning Test

This test requires you to analyse numerical information presented as graphs, tables and other forms of chart.

The questions will require that you identify the right numerical information and produce a solution using basic numerical skills (such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, ratios etc.)


Abstract Reasoning Test

This test requires you to detect patterns amongst groups of pictures or shapes.

You will be presented with six images (the A pattern) all of which have something in common – there is a rule that makes them similar. Another 6 images (the B pattern) will use a different rule. You will need to decide whether decide whether a further image fits the A or B pattern or neither.


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