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Organisational consultancy

Culture is the most important thing to get right. It is an essential part of all organisations. Culture defines the motivation for progress, change and success.

The first step in understanding culture is to discover what motivates your people. Motivation is all about strength of purpose and the relationships amongst management, colleagues, staff and customers or clients.

To build motivation means building the trust and collaboration required to implement a winning strategy and creating a working environment that is energising and which people want to be part of.

Our consultancy services are concerned, first, with helping you understand the ‘central nervous system’ of your business and the dynamic interactions that make its people behave the way they do. Afterwards, we’ll help you formulate the objectives, the organisational development strategies and the practical techniques that will enable you to achieve a work environment of which you can be proud.

Tools for the job

Team Focus psychologists and consultants have vast experience across the complete spectrum of enterprise types and sizes. And drawing on our proven methodologies, we will adopt a pragmatic and commercially realistic approach, helping you to quickly identify your priorities and develop a winning plan.

Our initial task is to work with you to establish the real issues – not just the symptoms. We then add value by clarifying and building an integrated approach which becomes pro-active, rather than reactive. The methods and tools we use, some of which are delivered online, are rigorous yet also flexible. And the same can be said for our consultants who will challenge you but will not push you in a direction you do not want to take.