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VbIM: Values-based Indicator of Motivation

VbIM is used for personal development but also in team building.

VbIM is also starting to become a useful recruitment tool as it addresses the motivational ‘match’ between individuals and organisations.

The Values-based Indicator of Motivation (VbIM) is based on a fresh model of values assessed in a new way.

It maps traditional values like reward, influence and altruism and matches these with more contemporary concerns relating to relationships, as well as more abstract concepts. It provides both breadth and depth and gives insight into the balance between individual and group/societal values, and those which are sources of individual satisfaction or meaning. In this way the questionnaire is centred on four areas and comprises 24 scales:

  • What I want for myself
    Reward, fame, well-being, excitement, change, conceptual.

  • What I want to become
    Personal growth, career progression, influence, legacy, wisdom, transcendence.

  • What I want from others
    Social contact, integrity, connection, openness, collaboration, inclusion.

  • What I want from society
    Altruism, tradition, culture, harmony, libertarian, accountability.

VbIM uses the latest technology to provide more sophisticated assessment by combining both normative and ipsative approaches within the same questionnaire. This lets people look at the relative strength of their own values, and the priority they give to each, as well as providing a means of benchmarking against the pattern of values that prevail in the general population.