What is Prism?

Intelligent results analysis software

Prism is the new data management and analysis software from Profiling for Success. It helps you to organise your data, produce spreadsheets and charts, and most importantly, make objective decisions. For example you can test a group of candidates with a number of PfS tests, set cut-off scores for each test, and the system will automatically tell you who has met the criteria and who has not. You can also manipulate the data from questionnaires, and produce bespoke analysis tables, or use the Visualiser function: this is a way of visually representing the results of individuals or groups. In short, Prism enables you to analyse the data in just a few minutes, a task that could easily take hours if done by hand.

What can Prism do?

Prism is a sophisticated but intuitive piece of software. Here are some of the things it can do:

  • Import data and store it in the Prism database
  • Analyse the test/questionnaire scores for individuals or groups
  • Compare the scores for one individual with another or with a group of people
  • Compare the scores of one group with those of another group
  • Search for individuals and define groups according to a variety of selection criteria
  • View the biographical data of individuals next to their test scores
  • Automatically generate spreadsheets and charts showing the results of each analysis
  • Create cross-tabulation tables using categories drawn from biographical and test data
  • Define ‘score sets’ which let you set up all the test data to analyse in one click
  • Create composite scores out of the scores for individual tests
  • Create weighted composite scores which weight one score more highly than another
  • Define cut-off scores on each test and display a list of those who passed & failed each cut-off
  • Automatically send emails (e.g. acceptance or rejection letters) to individuals or groups
  • Create your local norms for any test and re-score your data against these norms

Getting hold of Prism

If you are already registered to use PfS tests and questionnaires, you can download Prism by clicking on the Prism icon in the PfS client area.  Remember that in order to make use of Prism, you need to set up your assessments as part of a ‘PfS project’.  You can find out more about PfS projects from Help in the PfS client area.

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