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University of Manchester

A message from the University of Manchester

We have licensed a number of “Profiling for Success” tests from Team Focus so that you can explore your interests, motivations and style in more detail. These tests are free to access for University of Manchester students and recent graduates and include a personality preferences assessment, a career interest inventory and a learning styles questionnaire. You will need to register and log in to see the tests available to you.

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For current students:

As a University of Manchester student you can access the tests for free using your official University of Manchester email address to register and create your own account. You can then log in whenever you want to take or review your tests.

For recent graduates:

University of Manchester graduates up to two years after graduation are able to request a one-time access to the site to take the assessments available. In order to gain access you first need to contact the University Careers Service at with your full name, student ID number and current email address. They will verify your name against University records and request a log-in for you from Team Focus. You will receive your log-in details from Team Focus for a one-time access to the site.