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1.5 million psychometric tests administered globally over 600+ organisations

We enable individuals, teams and organisations to learn, develop and change.

Our highly experienced consultants use a wide range of approaches, techniques and assessments both from our own product range and from the best of what is available.

We do not use tests as ways to label, categorise and constrain people but as models for understanding and enabling people to develop their own talent and to build better relationships.

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Learning Styles Indicator

The LSI provides a quick introduction to Psychological Type and is part of the Type Mapping System. It is used extensively by FE and HE careers guidance professionals, and in the early stages of corporate team building.


Type Dynamics Indicator

The TDI® is the hub of the Type Mapping System. It has multiple applications and is widely used in executive team building, leadership development, change management and careers guidance.


Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire

The Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire (EIQ3D) shifts the emphasis from IQ and personality towards the effects that self-awareness have on performance.


Fifteen Factor Questionnaire +

The Fifteen Factor Questionnaire+ (15FQ+™) is the latest questionnaire built on 50 years of pioneering research by the eminent psychologist, Ray Cattell.


Verbal, Numerical & Abstract Reasoning

Quickly assess the three core aptitudes.


Decision Analysis Test

The DAT is a popular test in high level graduate selection and executive development.


Memory & Attention Test

The MAT is a popular measure in technical, procedural or information intensive recruitment scenarios.


Career Interests Inventory

The CII is used for general careers guidance, and is widely available in schools, colleges and universities.


Resilience Scales Questionnaire

The Resilience Scales Questionnaire is currently used to profile individuals being selected for high pressure or high stakes roles.


Values-based Indicator of Motivation

VbIM is used for personal development but also in team building.


Relational Health Audit

The RHA has been successfully used in culture change, team building and as part of personal development programmes.


Managing Team Roles Indicator

The MTR-i™ gives depth to all aspects of team and group development, at all levels within organisations.


Ideal Task Profile Questionnaire

The ITPQ provides a baseline for all aspects of team and group development, at all levels within organisations.


Fundamental Interpersonal Relationship Measures

FIRO theory has many uses and is regularly applied to areas and issues such as self-esteem, decision-making, negotiations, team compatibility and defensiveness.

Popular training courses

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Test User Ability (Level A)

This is the basic qualification into the issues of psychological measurement and introduces you to the concepts of reliability, validity, norm groups as well as the practical issues of administering tests and applying them fairly.

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Test User Personality (Level B)

TDI®, NEO PI-3™, 15FQ+™ & FIRO

This is a qualification that is recognised worldwide as demonstrating competence in the use of a particular personality questionnaire.  Team Focus have trained people in a wider range of quality tools than anyone else in the UK.

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Specialist in Test Use (Level B Full)

This is the highest qualification in Psychometrics recognised by the BPS.  By completing this course you become one of a select few that have demonstrated the skills and knowledge to be consulted as an authority in personality assessment.

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Test User Ability + Personality (Level A/B Combined)

Both the Test User Ability (Level A) + Test User Personality (Level B) combined.

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Organisational consultancy

Culture is the most important thing to get right. It is an essential part of all organisations. Culture defines the motivation for progress, change and success.

Leader transformation

Leadership today is tougher than it has ever been. The challenges are more ambiguous and changing and our ‘followers’ are more varied and demanding than ever before.

Team development

What do the best teams do?  They set goals and priorities, they analyse and allocate the work that needs to be done, they ensure that working relationships facilitate performance rather than hinder it.

Relationships & culture change

To remain successful, organisations need to get better at predicting their metaphorical weather.  They need ‘barometers’ to indicate how the culture is changing – or how it is failing to change!

Identity coaching

The quickest way to excellence is to stop stopping ourselves!

Reality coaching

You may have thought you’d heard it all – Executive Coaching, Life Coaching, Performance Coaching and now Reality Coaching – a process which fills the gap which is often missing from the other approaches.

Performance coaching

Using an analogy from IT – sometimes you find the bug and fix it. Sometimes the bug does not resolve the issue because the programme has several flaws.

Coaching & development

The process of cutting dulls the blade. How to keep your saw sharp.

Bureau Service

Not trained? Need to test someone? Let us help you by providing a Bureau Service. This allows you to harness the power of psychometric tools without the need to undergo specialised training.

Sleep Consultancy Services

We cannot change what we do not know. Building awareness and psychoeducation around sleep, well-being and performance is the first step to improving.

Sleep assessments

The last 10 years has seen an exponential increase in wearable technology for assessing sleep. Yet, many of the devices are not validated and can result in miss-interpretation of data. We need to do more to help you understand what it all means.

Chronometric tools

We are all different. How we look, how we act, how we think and how we sleep. It is crucial to consider this variation in sleep patterns and body clocks when trying to manage health, well-being and performance. That is why we have been advancing the field of ‘chronometrics’.

Sleep coaching

Changing human behaviour is easier said than done, and so many of us settle for insufficient sleep without realising that there is hope. Individual or group sleep coaching can be used to develop personalised strategies in order to provide meaningful and long-term behavioural change.

Our approach

Founded in 1989 and specialising in Business Psychology, Team Focus Limited (TFL) combined applying Psychology to Business in its assessment and development work with becoming one of the leading trainers in Psychometric Testing.

Closely involved in the development of the standards for training advocated by the British Psychological Society (BPS), we quickly built a reputation for independence and rigour.

Today we offer one of the widest range of training programmes in the major personality questionnaires and are now recognised test publishers offering our own series of tests and questionnaires branded under Profiling for Success.

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