A goose never got fat by weighing it

You cannot solve a problem by measuring it. Our psychometric tools become the basis for a solution, not the solution itself…


Which Tool?

A Helping Hand

Let the Team Focus journey model take you along the route to finding the assessment instruments you really need.



Get Trained

Our Training Cources

We provide BPS-approved Test User Ability (TUA) and Test User Personality (TUP) training in a range of instruments. Take our TUA course and then move on to the personality questionnaires of your choice for TUP.


Bureau Service

For those not yet trained

You don’t have to be trained in psychometric testing to use our tests. We can carry out assessments on your behalf via our bureau service. Tell us who and what to assess and we’ll do the rest.


PFS Prism

Manage your Data

The PfS service doesn’t just stop with the reports. Our revolutionary PfS Prism software lets you compare and contrast your candidates, view listings of results, single out those who pass all your cut-off scores, and much more.