Team Focus Educational Services

Team Focus Educational believes that all parents want the best for their children educationally and that the child has the clearest opportunity to achieve their best when the parent is relaxed, involved and fully conversant with the events in the child’s educational career. Most parents are happy with their child’s progress most of the time. However, it would be unnatural and unusual for parents not to worry or have doubts from time to time. In the majority of cases such worries can be resolved through discussion with the school or indeed it may be just a developmental plateau and the child quickly gains ground and moves on.

When matters cannot be so resolved, small issues grow into larger problems and the real worries set in, unsettling the child and often upsetting the parent and the whole family. Time is lost from the child’s educational career and secondary problems can develop.

Educational Psychologists are trained to deal with such problems. By exploring the issues fully with the parent, by making whatever is the most appropriate assessment of the child, by examining the child’s learning environment at school, difficulties can be explored and strategies put forward to help resolve the situation.

Team Focus Educational can provide a tailor-made service to parents, their child, and the school by bringing experience and expertise to the area of psychological educational assessment which firmly sets the child in the context of the learning environment (school) and the home environment (family).

Team Focus educational assessments are carried out by Rosemary Facer, a chartered educational psychologist. To read about Rosemary’s background and experience, click here.

For details of the different options for assessment and fees charged, click on  ‘Assessment options and fees’ .

Enquiries from parents or schools are welcome on 01628 637338.