Exploring Personality

Find out how to profile personality

Personality can be up to seven times more predictive of success than intellect and ability. Furthermore, whether personality changes or not, the emerging field of Emotional Intelligence indicates that success is not so much about ‘what you’ve got’ but ‘how you use it’. And this relies on questionnaires being able to fire up the process of self-understanding, as well as identifying key personality drivers, preferred team roles, leadership style and so on.

When introduced in the right place at the right time, personality questionnaires add significantly to talent identification in selection scenarios, or highlighting potential in development activities.

Foundation Course in Personality
Type Mapping Using TDI®, MTR-I™ & ITPQ™
Type Mapping for Experienced Users
NEO Personality Inventory (NEO PI-R™)
FIRO®Element B
Specialist in Test Use