Measuring Capability

Discover how to spot talent

Understanding people’s skills, abilities and potential is an organisation’s number one priority. Real talent is in short supply and not recognising it can be costly. This is why ability tests have become a significant part of the assessor’s toolkit. Tests can identify skills and
 potential that are otherwise hard to recognise – and used well they can be quicker, fairer and more objective than other methods. These are the reasons why 70% of medium to large sized organisations use tests as part of their recruitment process.

Occupational Testing

Test Administration

Better selection decisions

The evidence has become overwhelming that, when applied in the right way at the right time, tests significantly increase the quality of selection decisions. Having the right people with the right capability is probably the most important factor in success. However, the full benefit to be obtained from using tests can only be achieved through the application of best practice. With the right training your flexibility to apply tests is increased and dependence on external consultants reduced. Our training will help you to ensure that tests are appropriately, ethically and fairly applied.

Our Occupational Testing and Test Administration courses are accredited by the British Psychological Society; successful completion allows delegates to apply for internationally recognised BPS Test User Occupational, Ability certificates.